We have several aircraft in our collection, below is an updated list, plus their location if you would like to visit them. As our website develops you will be able to click on the registration number to view more details about it.

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Y G-EBZM Avro 594 Avian IIIA c/n R3/CN/160, built 1928. Hooton Park Museum
Y G-ADAH De Havilland D.H.89A Dragon Rapide c/n 6278, built 1935. Hooton Park Museum
Y G-AJEB Auster J.1N Alpha c/n 2325, built 1947. Hooton Park Museum
Y G-APUD Benson B.7M (Modified), built by K. H. Wallis as KHW.1 in 1959. Hooton Park Museum
Y BAPC6 Roe Triplane I static replica, built at Woodford circa 1953. On indefinite loan from the Shuttleworth Collection. Hooton Park Museum
BAPC12 Mignet HM.14 Pou du Ciel built 1936 by S.O. Whiteley of Rishworth. Hooton Park Museum
G-AFIU Parker CA.4 Parasol (Luton Minor).(Comp Wings & Tail G-ATWS) built 1937 by C.F. Parker at Codsall, Staffs. On display under restoration. Hooton Park Museum
G-AHUI Miles Messenger MK.2A built 1946 at Woodley. Includes parts from G-AILL, G-AJFF, G-AKDF, EI-AGB. Restoration in progress. Hooton Park Museum
G-AKHZ Miles Gemini MK.1A built 1947 at Woodley. Includes parts from G-AKGD. Awaiting restoration & stored at Hooton Park.
BAPC.204 McBroom Hang Glider Hooton Park stored in Hangar 1 annex.
Y XD624 De-Havilland DH.115 Vampire T.11 believed last one to be assembled by Fairey's at Ringway.Cockpit pod in Bldg 28 being restored Hooton Park museum
G-ALPU/BGA 473 Slingsby T.8 Tutor Glider built in 1949 at Hooton Park by Martin Hearn on loan from member Jon Howard awaiting restoration & preservation. Hooton Park museum (stored)
BAPC.309 Fairey Gannet T.2 forward section including 2 cockpits, acquired from Avro Heritage on 20.07.2012 On Friday 24th August 2012 the bottom third was cut off. Hooton Park Museum
BAPC.310 Miles Wing Gulp 100a hang glider Hooton Park stored in Hangar 1 annex
WG303 De Havilland DHC Chipmunk T.10 stored Hooton Park
WB730/G-AOUO De Havilland DHC Chipmunk 22 Hooton Park Muesum
WK640/G-BWUV De Havilland DHC Chipmunk T.10 cockpit Hooton Park stored stored in Hangar 1 annex
WD387/G-BDDD De Havilland DHC Chipmunk T.10 cockpit Hooton Park stored stored in Building 17

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