Control Column Magazine

In 1963 the society magazine 'Control Column' started to be produced monthly to provide better grapevine between members.

In 1967 'Control Column' was offered as a national magazine and met with instant response from a number of Societies who accepted it as their house magazine. Through these pages new contacts were established and through it the first moves were made towards a co-ordinating body wherein all groups sharing this common interest might also share ideas and integrate policies without conflict.

These moves were totally successful and the British Aircraft Preservation Council was created. Later the name was changed slightly to the British Aviation Preservation Council to reflect the wider movement.

At the time of writing affiliated members of the Council (BAPC) are:

  • The Northern, Midland and South Wales Aircraft Preservation Societies
  • The Royal Air Force
  • Fleet Air Arm and Army Air Corps Museums
  • Imperial War Museum
  • Lincolnshire Aviation Museum
  • Newark Air Museum
  • Skyfame
  • Shuttleworth Collection
  • Southern Aircraft Preservation Group
  • The '49 Group'.

BAPC is now well established. Financial problems compelled us reluctantly to hand over production of 'Control Column' to others.

Registered in England  No 1150097 Registered Charity No: 268238

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